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Established 1980

Home of the Original Stuffed Crust Pizza!

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We Deliver 7 Days a Week.  

Delivery Starts at 4:00 PM

Delivery to Hessville, 
Highland & Hammond 

We are proud to serve our delicious Original Stuffed Crust, Thick Crust, and Thin Crust style pizzas made from only the freshest, high quality ingredients.


We buy our produce from local growers who exhibit a commitment to quality, organic living, and environmentally friendly farming.

We take pride in our Pizza's!  We make all of our dough in house with the finest ingredients.  We use 100% Mozzarella Cheese that we shred everyday, not like some cheeses that come prepackaged with anti caking agents in it so that the cheese does not stick together.  We use only fresh green peppers, onions, tomato"s and mushrooms, no canned veggies here. Modified with a touch of unique Chicago, we have perfected our pizzas to satisfy even the greatest of pizza lovers!.

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